1. Cerriott blow-dry An extremely strong, handy and practical handheld hairdryer, exclusively manufactured for professional use. Gek 3000 comes with 2 selectable speeds and 4 heats; provided with a G6 nozzle having a 6 cm width and with a G9 nozzle having a 9 cm width; reinforced and shockproof external body it is non-deformable under the action of heat.
  2. The Multi-function Footbath Massager gives you your own personal foot spa right in the comforts of your own home and salon. This nifty home massager heats up automatically and gives you a deep and invigorating shake massage for your feet. It utilizes magnetotherapy to successfully alleviate pain and soreness from walking or running around all day.
  3. The best curling iron makes it simple and safe for you to get the style you want while protecting your hair from unnecessary damage. Keep your hair frizz-free long-term with the perfect balance of expert-recommended ceramic, transparent heat settings, and intuitive usability.

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