1. Old spice Swagger: is the scent of confidence, which happens to smell like lime and cedarwood
    Old Spice Men’s Deodorant overpowers stink with good-smellingness
    Provides 24-hour odor protection, in case you need to climb a mountain, fight off a bear, and ride an elevator all in the same day
    Red Zone Collection transforms unfresh men into legends of confidence
  2. Secret: Designed with scents that last, the Secret Fresh Collection has scents you love from our former Scent Expressions and Destinations collections, now with scent-enhancing technology.
    • Secret Invisible Solid goes on dry and stays dry with a smooth, even application.
    • This unique formula features proprietary sweat-activated technology, which captures odor and releases fragrance.
    • The sweat-activated technology uses odor-neutralizing molecules to trap odor, lock it away, and then replace it with fresh scent to keep you smelling clean and fresh all day long.
    • Secret Invisible Solid helps stop underarm odor before it starts with 48-hour odor control and wetness protection.
    • visible Solid
  3. Nivea roll-on white and black: Keep your black clothes black and white clothes white for longer with Invisible For Black & White Pure Roll-On Deodorant.
    The first antiperspirant deodorant that protects against yellow sweat stains on white and white marks on black clothes, our unique formula:
  • Leaves no white marks on your skin or clothing
  • Helps to prevent build-up of yellow sweat stains on white clothes, keeping them white for longer
  • Provides 48-hour antiperspirant protection
  • Has a delicate fragrance
  • Contains no alcohol, no colourants, and is dermatologically skin tolerance approved
  • Fa roll – on exotic Garden: new deodorant system combined with the mildness of new formulas.

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